Mamas Self Care: Money & Love Sunday Seminar


Hosted by Mamas’s Self Care & EHS Pilates

with Jane Austin, Katie Cariffe and Stephanie Forster

Yoga/Pilates – 1:30-2:30

What’s $$$ Got To Do With It?  Money & Love Seminar – 3:00-5:00

YOGA/PILATES CLASS TAUGHT BY: Jane Austin, Katie Cariffe & Stephanie Forster
Workshop Led by Money Coach Carrie Friedberg

In the Money and Love seminar, you will learn practical skills to help you be proactive in your financial partnership. In most couples, there is a spender and a saver. Prevent conflict by gaining awareness about and sharing your financial values. Plan your life together, including your individual needs and wants, and align your spending, saving and earning as a family.

This will be empowering for women in any stage of relationship, from integrating finances or coming out of the money fog for the first time to moving in, getting married and having kids!

We will cover:

  • Opening the lines of communication
  • Cultivating financial intimacy
  • Creating the vision of your relationship and shared lifestyle
  • Setting goals for what you want to accomplish and address in your financial life
  • Pros and Cons of Joint Accounts
  • Creating a targeted debt repayment plan, if needed
  • Letting go of “Money Fog” – avoidance and fear of money
  • Practicing financial awareness on a daily basis
  • Reviewing self-care routines
  • Creating and maintaining a flexible monthly spending plan (a.k.a. budget)
  • Setting yourselves up for success including consistent money dates
  • Saving for periodic expenses, a safety net, and investments

Carrie Friedberg (née Birgbauer) has been an educator for 20 years and is also a certified money coach and financial behavior specialist. As a former kindergarten master teacher, chief of staff, college tennis player and yoga instructor, she’s one of the most worldly people you’ll ever meet.

Carrie is an authority on positive psychology, the law of attraction, learning styles and personality types. At the age of 30, Carrie realized she had never balanced a checkbook, stuck to a budget or been able to sustain savings. She thought that financial freedom meant “swiping the card!” So began her quest for a financial education. She read innumerable books, tried Quicken, Mint, traditional financial therapy and even designed her own financial tracking software to no avail.

At a friend’s suggestion, Carrie hired a money coach and, finally, found what she had been looking for. For the first time in her life, Carrie had access to essential financial tools, distinctions and awareness as well as an accountability partner to help her look at the emotional side and psychology of money. The effects were so profound and inspiring that Carrie completed the intensive financial counselor training program at the Financial Recovery Institute and started her own holistic money coaching practice in 2010.

Mamas Self Care was started by three friends, moms and teachers – Jane Austin, Stephanie Forster and Katie Cariffe to create an inspired framework and caring environment for Moms to connect and replenish through special events on juicy topics and unique retreats.Our goal is to generate a map to navigate a healthy relationship for women to self-care. Together, we commit to an empowered model of motherhood with self-honoring at its core.