Women’s Retreat Weekend — Finding Your True Core: Yoga & Your Pelvic Floor

*** Join us for a powerful Women’s Weekend Retreat with Jane Austin ***

Nourish and replenish your body, mind and soul in a special weekend retreat for women in the redwoods at the stunning new 1440 Multiversity nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Using the tools of yoga we will journey to your true core at the center of the body, the seat being the pelvis and the source of female power. Through the course of the weekend we will move from a place that is not only stable (Sthira) and supple (Sukha) but powerful (Shakti). Movement can be fluid, free of restriction and this power can be channeled to promote health and wellbeing.

Starting as young women many of us have not been taught about our true core or the importance of a healthy pelvic floor. Unfortunately most of us ignore our pelvic floor not realizing its important role in our overall health until something happens (often unpleasant) to force us to pay attention.

You will learn movement and breath techniques to help bring more awareness and vitality to these deep foundational tissues. Regardless of your age or ability you are invited to tap into this power resting in your true core.

Beginners and seasoned yoga practitioners are welcome (as well as past attendees from Jane’s pelvic floor workshops and preggo mamas!). Self identified women of all ages are encouraged to attend.

1440 Multiversity is stunning. Take in the fresh air, enjoy a hike on the property, pamper yourself with a massage or other spa treatment or just enjoy time away for YOURSELF! You deserve it.