3 Tips for New Mamas by Kyla Brown, Holistic Nutrition Consultant

  1. Get out of the house and breastfeed in public while your partner is still on parental leave. Then you’ll feel comfortable busting out a boob when you’re out alone with your babe.
  2. Go on a date night, (and bonus points for a girls-night out)!
  3. Be kind to yourself. No extravagant to-do lists. Feed and care for your babe; anything more and you’re an overachiever.

Quick food tips: Eat oatmeal for lactation, and eggs for protein (energy) & choline (brain function)

Kyla Brown is a holistic nutrition consultant specializing in prenatal and postnatal wellness. From pre-conception nutrition to postpartum weight loss, meal planning by trimester or for the whole family, she helps clients develop long-lasting, manageable eating habits that will ensure a lifetime of good health. Contact Kyla for a free consultation, and mention Jane’s newsletter to get 50% off your first package!

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