3 Tips When Booking a Prenatal Massage

TIP : 3 Tips When Booking a Prenatal Massage to Have the Best Experience

by Lorena Sanchez, CMT

NOTE : These tips are also for everyone – as we all deserve a great body work at every stages of our life.

1. Get the green light from your doctor. Massage therapy is generally considered safe for pregnancy. But to cover all your bases, get a clear from your OBGYN. Especially if you are experiencing any kind complications

2. If booking for the first time , please make sure to ask for a therapist that is specifically trained in THIS modality. Therapist who are not confident in their prenatal/side lying techniques may not always give you the pressure you deserve, and may not be able to position you in the most comfortable way possible. Some even may refuse to do massage during the first trimester because of fear of the unknown.

3. Participate in other self care modalities. As much as I would love to say that massage has the secret to all pain management, the reality is that other modalities work well together alongside massage therapy. One example is prenatal yoga with Jane Austin. I’ve noticed that my clients who participate regularly with their prenatal classes or other prenatal focused exercises tend to respond better to their massage sessions, and overall are more physically comfortable during their pregnancy.

Lorena Sanchez is a CMT, Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist and Licensed esthetician (LE). Her passion for providing quality prenatal bodywork was born when she was expecting her son 12 years ago. To this day, Lorena fondly remembers and is so appreciative of her prenatal massage therapist. She strongly passionate about providing quality bodywork to expecting persons. Lorena loves to provide the pressure prenatal folks deserve as she has the knowledge and confidence to do so safely.

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