5 Essentials for Women/Birth Giver Centered Postpartum Care & Healing by Lindsey Weinstein

No one tells you how intense it can be postpartum! But I’m here to say it. Please don’t get me wrong – it IS an oxytocin high like no other in your life. AND…giving birth and integrating that experience is the biggest, most physical, emotional, mental and spiritual thing you will ever do. So…how will you manage? Here’s my tip: self care, self care, self care. And it’s not fancy self care, but radical self care that is simple and rooted in things you can do right there at home during the first 6 weeks (hello pandemic…still) while you nest. Here are a handful of simple, yet potent ways to care for someone who has just given birth.

  • Extended Rest
  • Nourishing, Warm, Easy to Digest & Nutrient Dense Food
  • Bodywork
  • Community & Support

Lindsey Weinstein is an Innate Traditions Postpartum Caregiver and the founder of BellyFull Birth SF.

In her practice, her mission and passion is to bring simple and powerful postpartum healing tools and modalities into the hands of birth givers and their families.

Following the “5 essentials for women/birth giver centered postpartum care and healing as a framework, (rest, nourishing foods, warmth, bodywork & community), Lindsey supports postpartum families both in-person (in-home with Covid-19 safety/precautions) and online.

Her personalized care plans are specific and tailored to each person’s healing journey but often include some combination of guidance and support on; why rest is SO vital, belly binding/wrapping, personalized postpartum herbal vaginal steaming plans, herbal sitz baths, abhyanga (ayurvedic warm oil application), guidance, support and information about postpartum food/beverage preparation/planning, birth story sharing as a means for integration and healing, gentle movement, pelvic floor yoga and breath practices for as early as the first few days after birth, guided meditation and visualization, support locating local postpartum practitioners/bodyworkers in your community as well as resources and information on baby care, and more!

Plan ahead for your postpartum healing journey so you can relax into this enormous task of caring for your newborn baby and also for your newborn self!

Jane’s community receives $25 off the Online Personal Postpartum Care Package.

Instagram: @Bellyfull.birth.sf or visit www.bellyfullbirthsf.com to learn more and book your postpartum care support.

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