5 Self & Community Care Tips for Parents

TIP : 5 Self + Community Care Tips for Parents
by Mikkel Bonel, Founder of Birthing Yoga and Holistic Healing

The biggest need for a new parent is to be cared for and loved. But we are in a culture that assumes once your baby is out, you go back to “normal” as quickly as possible. This means juggling a job, your home, your physical, emotional and spiritual health while maintaining a positive relationship with your community, keeping a small human alive while keeping a grateful smile on your face as you experience little sleep.

The truth is eventually it will lead to burn out, broken relationships, physical pain and an overall sense of loneliness and/or failure.

Here are some things to ponder as you decide to commit to your own self care, and how to connect in with community care as well (we cannot do it alone!):

  1. First off, acknowledge that it is not your lack of ability but a naive healthcare system that does not support the birth person – and expects you to go back to normal when life is anything but! GIVE YOURSELF COMPASSION. Tell yourself that it’s okay to shift things, you do NOT have to do it all, and there are others to help you.
  2. Address the need for self care BEFORE your babe is born and make it a priority. Talk to your partner/community about what support looks like and build your team.
  3. Periodically throughout your week close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask yourself “What do I need to feel nourished?”; then listen, and ask for the support you need.
  4. Once you get your answer(s), start with one thing you can easily begin with today.
  5. Self care can be simple – ask for a hug (or hug yourself/put your hand on your heart) and tell yourself that you are loved. Take 3 deep, purposeful breaths. Put on your favorite song and move. Sit on your front steps and breathe in the air. Cryyyyyyy while telling yourself it’s okay to cry and a beautiful and healthy way to release.

Om Shanti shanti shanti

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