5 Survival Tips for Mom in the Workplace by Sarah Lacey

Banish the word “perfect” from your internal monologue. Perfect means you aren’t growing and stretching enough. Perfect means stasis. Strive to constantly be reminded of how imperfect you are.

Guilt is the patriarchy’s voice in your head. Did you know that 40% of all Americans think it’s “bad” for society if women work? Even though most of us have to? Even though data shows a lot of benefits for sons and daughters of working moms? Even though research shows working moms only spend 15% less quality time with their kids a week? Good mothers don’t need to be 100% available to their children and good employees don’t need to be 100% available to your employers. You have a right to value *you*

If someone tells you to pretend you aren’t a mother to get ahead at work, FIND A NEW JOB. Maternal bias is the most overt form of sexism women face at work, but only 60% of women face it. This isn’t universal. Plenty of companies value the benefits of hiring working moms. (Increased productivity, enhanced creative problem solving, more empathetic management, just to name a few!)

Create your tribe! Not all of us have other women we can bond with at work, but you can find them somewhere! (hint: Jane’s classes, online groups + meet up’s are great places!)

Go to a Hallmark around Mother’s Day and look at the cards. You know, the ones that say things like “TO THE WOMAN WHO SACRIFICES EVERYTHING….” Or “THIS IS THE ONE DAY A YEAR WE APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR US…” If you nod and think, “wow, what a lovely sentiment…” you are doing something wrong. Being a mother doesn’t mean you should be a hollowed out husk of a human being. You deserve the same fulfilled life as a parent that you had before kids.

In fact: You have an even greater responsibility to have a fulfilled life now because you are someone’s female role model.
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