Childbirth Prep Tips by Lydia Waggoner

1. Move in Tune with Your Body

Enter labor with optimal levels of nature’s pain relievers and feel-good hormones – endorphins!

Women who exercise regularly throughout pregnancy can boost:

  • Overall levels of endorphins before the big day
  • Energy, mood, and self-image
  • Healthy posture, respiration, circulation, and muscle tone, strength, and endurance
  • Whether it’s yoga, swimming, dancing, or a walk in the park, aim for 30 minutes (3-7 days per week).

2. Envelop Yourself in Support

Beyond choosing a birth team aligned with your needs, consider who will support you and how they will support you after baby is born.

Begin to make arrangements for:

  • nourishing meals
  • rest and sleep
  • baby feeding support
  • errands and chores
  • advice and companionship
  • childcare for older children

With a postpartum plan in place, you will be prepared to receive what you need.

3. Lighten Your Load

Assess how much you’ve been carrying and identify what needs to be released. Throughout pregnancy, notice which places inside of you need extra care.

When doubt creeps in, talk to your baby. Tell baby exactly how much you love ’em. And how you’re taking extra good care of yourself to pave a path of joy and ease for the both of you.”

Lydia Fong Waggoner is a yoga teacher and a childbirth educator who is passionate about supporting women in having the safest and most satisfying birth experience.

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