Birth Preparation Tips by Heather Hughes

Birth Preparation Tips (two 1 minute tips for pregnant folks to practice everyday)
by SF-based Doula Heather Hughes

There are so many ways to prepare the body for labor. Getting in touch with your physical body alongside a support person or partner is a beautiful way to connect to your body’s capabilities and strength.

Taking Jane’s yoga classes and prenatal partners workshop will also prepare you with a road map of touch and coping techniques once your labor journey begins.

And if you have a partner it will help them feel more confident!

Here are some other helpful tips to connect with the energy of birth . . .
Invite yourself to slow down. Being soft to your whole body and heart. Take time each day to scan the body and find where tension is held and work with softness and breath to release it.

Breath deep into your belly – one tip is to do all of this on the toilet.!!!! Every birthing person is having to pee quite often.

Take every trip to the toilet and carve in at least one extra minute to practice breath work, lengthening pelvic floor, letting the breath flow all the way through your planted feet. Drop your shoulders, open your jaw, close your eyes. This will prep your body to find this place during labor with more ease and memory.

Heather also offers a monthly free Q&A on the second Monday of each month for those interested in hearing from an experienced doula, and learning more about birth preparation – plus get your questions answered. Topics include: coping techniques and natural induction methods. You can learn more about these events by emailing Heather at

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