Nourishing the Busy Mom by Katie Louderback

We all know we feel better when we eat a nourishing diet. Perhaps we have more energy, a smoother digestive system, or maybe we sleep better or experience less anxiety. Sometimes we feel really in control of our nutrition and there are times where that seems out of reach. Maybe we’re busy at work, or transitioning back to work after maternity leave, or we’re home with small ones during the day and have a hard time prioritizing our own meals. We all experience periods of less than optimal nutrition. I know this from my own personal experience and from consulting with so many women about nutrition. It’s challenging to nourish ourselves consistently well.

This Month’s Tip: Vitamin C Rich Foods – There is actually new research linking high levels of Vitamin C intake with feeling less stress! Typically when I am so busy that I’m not eating well, then I also feel stress. And heading into the fall, it’s also nice to get the immune boosting benefits of vitamin C as well. Many Vitamin C rich foods are very convenient for on the go eating such as green and red bell peppers, citrus fruits, strawberries, raspberries, broccoli, sea vegetables, and kale (think easy to grab kale chips).

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