Answers to commonly asked questions regarding Mama Tree Prenatal Yoga Teacher training. Click on the question for the answer.

Is Mama Tree a registered prenatal yoga school with Yoga Alliance?

Yes, Mama Tree (MT) is a registered prenatal yoga school with Yoga Alliance.(RPYS)

How is the training formatted?

I have designed the MT prenatal training in two parts, 45 hours each. The Level One is a fundamentals training and Level Two is an advanced training, 90 hours total.

After taking the 5 day intensive, will I be a certified prenatal teacher?

Upon successful completion of all the course requirements for the fundamentals training, graduates will be a Mama Tree certified Level One prenatal yoga teacher. In order to receive the Level One certification, a student must attend the five day intensive, complete an “open notebook” exam and homework. The exam is taken on the last day of the training and the homework needs to be completed within three months after the training.

What is the homework for MT Level One?

The MT level One homework has two components. Student must sequences three yoga class, two prenatal classes and one postnatal class. This assignment has three parts, 1)posture name 2) cueing how to get in and out of the posture and 3) rational for including it in the sequence. Please do not turn in just a list postures.

Students are also required to write a book report of one of the books on the Mama Tree bibliography. The report should be about a page long with a synopsis of the book, focusing on the part you found most interesting or illuminating and a review for the content (whether or not you would recommend the book and why).

Once enrolled in the school you are welcome to get a jump on the book report portion of the homework before the training starts. Bibliography will the sent upon request. Please don’t turn it in until all homework for the training is complete. You will be assigned the rest of the homework at the training.

What is the deal with Yoga Alliance registration?

In order to receive the RPYT (registered prenatal yoga teacher) from Yoga Alliance students need to complete both Level One and Level Two. After completing training with a RPYS, graduates must also teach 30 hours of prenatal yoga before they may register as RPYTs. These hours of prenatal yoga must be taught after graduating from a RPYS.

Yoga Alliance requires 85 hours of training, in order to become a RPYT, all of those hours need to be with one school.

FYI, Yoga Alliance doesn’t certify teachers, the schools do. Level One certified teachers are entry level prenatal teachers, many of my Level One graduates are teaching prenatal/postnatal yoga at yoga studios all over the country.

What is the difference between Mama Tree Level One and Level Two?

Level one is a fundamentals training suited for aspirating prenatal yoga teachers, birth professionals, yoga teachers who a wanting more knowledge to support their pregnant students and pregnant yoginis who are looking to deepen their own knowledge for their personal yoga practices.Level Two is an advanced training suited for those who are currently teaching or are planning to teach prenatal/postnatal yoga. If a teacher is wanting RPYT designation, the advanced training is required.

Does MT level Two have homework requirements?

Yes, Level Two students are required to do a special project, the subject and format of the project is very flexible and up to the student. Most find this requirement to be really fun and interesting. You will receive 5 “non-contact hours” of credit for the project so it should reflex a minimum of 5 hour of work. More details and examples will be given in the Level Two training.

What are the requirements to participate in the Mama Tree Prenatal training?

The training is open to all yoga students who have graduated from a 200 hour general yoga teacher training. This is the majority of the students in the training.

The training is also open to those who are birth professionals, doulas, midwives, doctors and childbirth educators who are wanting to support their clients with knowledge of prenatal/postnatal yoga. For these participants it is important that they have at least three years of yoga experience and good understanding of postural alignment. This training will not include instruction in basic yoga alignment principals. It is essential that the birth professional to have the fundamentals of yoga. Please know that most yoga studios will only hire teachers who have a minimum of 200 training.

Prenatal or postnatal yoga teachers who have completed other programs and are wanting to continue their education are also welcomed.

Are men welcomed in the training?

Yes! Mama Tree has educated many hundreds of women and only a handful of men but all are welcomed!

Prior to registering for training, you are welcome to observe one of Jane’s prenatal or postnatal yoga classes at Yoga Tree in San Francisco. Please feel free to contact Jane with any further questions.

Go to Yoga Tree to pre-register online or call 415.647.9707.


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