Love for Mama Tree Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training








“Every prenatal teacher should take this training”
~Casey Wilke, Yoga Teacher – Blossom Birth (Menlo Park, CA)

Audrey Molinare - Mama Tree Testimonial

“Recommended for anyone interested in women’s health”
~Erika Sedin, Yoga Teacher (New Zealand)

Ryann Summers - Mama Tree Testimonial

“So much more than learning prenatal variations.”
~Erika Montana, Yoga Teacher – Yoga Tree (San Francisco, CA)

Emily Cyan - Mama Tree Testimonial

“Very thorough training program.”
~Suky Thaver Meghjee, Yoga Teacher
(San Mateo, CA)

“Surprised by the level of connection to the other women in the training…and how empowered we all were by each other.”
~Meghan Dougherty
(San Francisco, CA)


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