The Truth vs. Fantasy: 3 Keys to Creating Your Own Reality in Motherhood

TIP : The Truth vs. Fantasy: 3 Keys to Creating Your Own Reality in Motherhood

by Molly Craft

We often have vivid ideas about what kind of mother we will be, especially prior to becoming a mom. Then the reality of motherhood hits us, often revealing the stark contrast between our fantasies and the actual experience. Most of us assume it’s personal, that we are ‘doing’ it wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are three keys to intentionally choosing your own path as a mom:

30 Minute Mom Miracle

It’s easy to lose all time for yourself in the all consuming role of caring for another being’s every need. New levels of responsibility require carving out more careful moments of rejuvenation for yourself, not less. If this is the only thing you try, I promise it’s life-changing.

Key 1 – Every day find a way to give yourself a 30 minute mom miracle to do one thing that rejuvenates you. Take a walk, meditate, move, stare at a wall, read a book and have a cup of tea, whatever replenishes your soul. It has to be non-negotiable. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

New Support for Your New Role

You may have envisioned feeling lots of wonderful feelings as a mom, but perhaps you didn’t imagine feeling frustrated, exhausted, and even resentful. Acknowledge and validate these feelings. They are as normal as diapers and naps.

Key 2 – Give yourself time to consider the new things you will need to thrive as a mom. Try new grounding rituals (even very short ones), a soothing mantra for times of overwhelm, movement practices to return to your body, or simple tools like wrapping your arms around yourself and rubbing your arms to activate your vagus nerve.

Owning Your Motherhood

Embrace who you want to be as a mother and actively create the circumstances, habits, and rituals that align with your values. Remember that there is no one “right” way to be a mother.

Key 3 – Give yourself permission to learn, grow, make mistakes, and decide how and who you want to be as a mom. Generational patterns can be broken. You can center your personal values and be the mom you want to be. Don’t be afraid to get the support you deserve.

You can do this! You are a badass mom.

Molly Craft is a trained and certified parent coach who works with moms to shift from feeling “bad” to badass. Molly supports moms who are breaking generational patterns, facing their anger issues head on, and creating (or restoring) peace in their relationships with their children through powerful insights, transformational skills and forging meaningful and profound connections to themselves. To learn more or schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation go to or call / text 415-580-1327

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