Tip from Maria Iorillo

This is not therapy, but more guidance, coaching, support and validation for the challenges that a mother faces.

TIP : This kind of support is especially valuable for mothers in their first year postpartum, but can be utilized at any time. MotherStory is particularly suited for those mothers at risk for postpartum depression, anxiety, overwhelm and stress. Really, all mothers can benefit from some additional counsel without the heavy commitment of therapy. Appropriate referrals to therapists, psychiatrists and other adjunct care will be made as necessary.

Wise and True Doula Services is a deluxe doula service combining the skills and talents of midwife, Maria Iorillo, and the wonderful photographer, Suzannah Weening.

For either of these services, as well as homebirth midwifery, please make an appointment with midwife, Maria Iorillo, at www.wisewomanchildbirth.com

Jane Austin Yogi IconJane Austin is an internationally recognized Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher and Teacher trainer empowering women and pregnant people to trust their bodies as they transition into parenthood and beyond.

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